New Week Blahs

Well, at least yesterday was good, right? The stock market went up by 2,000 points. The Congress seemed to agree on–depending how you count it–a SIX TRILLION DOLLAR (!) bailout package, that represents a quarter of the US annual GDP. This comprises: 2 Trillion in relief for businesses and regular Folksy 4 Trillion in authority for the Fed to buy….stuff. REITs, ETF, Bonds, etc. Today has been less rosy.

Day 4 Heads Down

“You’re choosing to watch the news. You can choose not to.” Yesterday, made an excursion to Randall’s to get some supplies after I got my daughter’s medication in Cedar Park. The store had more than I expected, but the necessities had evaporated. Bottled water, paper goods, bread, milk. I saw a yuppie buying all the individual cereal containers, bragging about how he had “Fifteen Gallons of Milk” at home. For himself.

Day 3 Stocks Again

It continues today. Every day feels like a week. As of this writing, stocks are down 8%, just today. This a snapshot of the headlines: Not good. There’s news the executive is invoking War Emergency provisions to get priority production for necessities. Per my recollection, the last time that happened was in World War 2. Yesterday was a better day; I was able to work a bit. Today has just been staring at headlines.

WFH Day 2

And so it begins As I write this, it’s 5pm on St. Patrick’s Day. I’m not wearing green. I’m sitting at home in our spare bedroom, with a 24” monitor ahead of me, and Amazon Basics® Keyboard instead of my beloved CODE Keyboard, and the world aflame. I agree with this tweet: Super handy to all be walking around with little rectangles full of terrible news in our pockets all the time.

The Phoenix Project Beginning

So, on the advice of @QuinnyPig on Twitter, I’ve started listening to “The Phoenix Project” on Audible. In overview, this is a narrative allegory of an IT project gone wrong. I’m up through Chapter 5 as I write this and I’d like to posit a couple things the protagonist is doing wrong. This is one of those books that managers, CIOs, CTOs, and directors will read and treat as Holy Writ, so some perspective seems an order.

Super Tuesday Ballot Items Rant

Step right up, folks, it’s YEEEEEHAAW election time in Texas. Unlike the saner May primary in Kentucky, I’m now part of Super Tuesday, along with 13 other states. Cutting to the chase, I intend to vote ‘Uncomitted’ on my Republican Presidential ballot, and I plan to abstain from voting for Cornyn or John Carter. I’m an MJ Hegar Republican, you see. Anyway, I’m writing today to go over the 10 (yes, TEN) ballot propositions before me.

Leap Day 2020: SARS Covid-19

“It seems like I should write something about coronavirus,” I thought to myself. I’m sitting in a very empty Amazon office in Austin, Texas on a Saturday. I’m trying to make-up for a day I took off on Wednesday to shuttle Grace to a Primary Care doctor who promptly told me to take her to Dell Children’s Hospital for possible appendicitis. I knew it wasn’t appendicitis, but meh. I needed some time away from work.