Pressure Off: Now What?

I used to watch a lot of HBO.

Now, I think you can well imagine why an 8 to 15 year old boy would want to watch HBO, but time and again there were some gritty, real stories on there that really stuck with me.

One is this segment from Taxicab Confessions about the New York City rescue squad and this perfect New Yawker guy just telling about one horrific rescue he had to do.

(Caution: Language. Obviously)

“I’ve seen every conceivable way a person can die.”

“What was the most upsetting thing you’ve ever seen?”

He proceeds to tell about a guy who get stuck between a platform and a train.

“Usually when we get a job like that we automatically call a priest and their family. There’s nothing we can do.”

I don’t know why that comes to mind…maybe this:

We’re finally getting some normalcy. Vaccine rates are going up; mask mandates and lockdowns are easing, particularly in the South. We seem to be beating this thing.

For a hot minute there, we even had a BORING president in the Oval Office, content to let Americans be Americans.

Ah. Sure. Can’t have that, can we?

So the agenda keeps coming. Nearly $2 trillion in more relief, then up to $3 trillion in infrastructure spend, paid for by a tax on corporations and those making $400k or more. Time for the Populist arm of the party to get their pound of flesh. (Or in this case, trillions of dollars.)

On top of everything else: Prince Phillip and DMX died today.

One More Thing

One bright spot in my life from my daily listen of The Morning Stream I’ve gotten hooked on Justin Robert Young’s Politics Politics Politics podcast. I’d really despaired of ever hearing objective journalism about politics, but JRY (“Jury”) seems to be the real deal.

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