Bonus Time

I had a realization this weekend: I’m in “Bonus Time”.

If I add up all the maladies/mishaps/accidents I’ve had in my life, I should be:

  • Functionally blind
  • Half-deaf
  • Missing half my teeth
  • Dying of Colon Cancer in 2019
  • Dying of Skin Cancer in 2012
  • Lying dead under a crashed car somewhere in Eastern Kentucky in 1996 or so.
  • Decapitated by a drainpipe in a creekbed in 1984

That’s just off the top of my head. Modern med’cine has been good to me. The rest is, variously: Probability, Luck, Fate, or Divine Providence. Take your pick.

My time should be done, but it’s not. Thus, Bonus Time.

I smiled a bit more this weekend. There was a lift in my step, and a little less “What Fresh Hell is This?” in my attitude. I’ve acted entitled my whole life, though my life’s been laughably easy. Each roadblock or inconvenience lamented, often in this forum.

Maybe I’ve finally come around. This is Bonus Time. Time to live that way.

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