The Violence Begins

It was going to be something.

Something was going to wake a nation of people who’ve been quarantined for 80+ days. People are bored, anxious, afraid, and simply tired.

Turns out, that something was the death of George Floyd on 25 May, a week ago today. Today, an independent autopsy indicates he died of asphyxiation

One week. In that time, protests have broken-out in 140 cities, in particular in Louisville, Kentucky, my wife’s hometown. Each day, there are protests, and as night falls, they turn violent. Last night, police in Lousiville felt they were fired upon, and returned fire with live rounds, killing restaurant-owner David McAtee.

In that time, the president has insisted on authoritarian measures, finally using all that military gear that’s been flowing to police since 2001. (Hey, my small town police force has an MRAP handy, does yours?)

Let’s be clear: This isn’t in particular about George Floyd, or Breonna Taylor, or David McAtee. This is about people who feel helpless, who are fed-up. It’s about police who feel like they’re under siege. This is about a nation that doesn’t know what it is or what it stands for anymore.

As I type this, the president is about to speak from the Rose Garden, and I can’t imagine it’ll be anything but vitriol for people to sit down, shut up, and know their place.

To that I can only say:

Strap in, folks. Fear has turned to violence, as it inevitably must.

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