CoVid 19: America Takes Lead

So, it’s official as of today

Covid Rates

(Source. As an aside, this ‘’ site is a clinic on how to present and visualize data at scale.)

Eight-three thousand cases, and no sign of let-up after 2 solid weeks of “shelter-in-place” or “stay-home-pretty-please”

New York is simply exploding, especially The City.

I’ve taken to following a former member of disaster preparedness for Obama, @JeremyKonyndyk. Here’s his take as of today:

We’re not “flattening the curve.” We’re accelerating. We’re fighting our health care system.

POTUS 45 is doing his best impression of Der Furher in the bunker in ‘45, railing against his enemies and making little sense during daily embarrassments press briefings.

This is going to go on for a long, long time. Many more are going to die than need to.

Just unable to focus again today. Whitney’s sick–we hope it’s nothing–and just couldn’t get “bite” into the work. I was able to make a breakthrough in infrastructure and get things working yesterday for a work thing. Pity that I needed that breakthrough to happen on March 5th, not March 25th. Some long days lie ahead, unaided by today’s low productivity.

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